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  • Click here to view photos of Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory arriving at the 79th Academy Awards!
  • Chicago-area Damian Lewis fans are making plans to get-together on March 3rd to see The Situation at the Music Box Theatre; contact KathyV if you’d like to join the party!
  • Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw’s predictions (PDF file) for this year’s Academy Awards includes the comment “BEST ACTOR Should Have Been a Contender: Damian Lewis for Keane. A powerful, painful, deeply exposed performance.”
  • This review of The Forsyte Saga Series 2 by Rob Owen from the February 08, 2004 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says:

    “…This was an instance of impeccable casting, particularly the two leads, British actors Damian Lewis and Gina McKee…Lewis is quickly proving himself to be one of the finest young actors of his generation. He was at the center of HBO’s “Band of Brothers” as Maj. Winters, and he’s the tightly wound, emotionally constricted center of “The Forsyte Saga,” Soames Forsyte, a possessive man who loves more than he is loved…It’s a tribute to the story, writing and Lewis’ performance that Soames is more multidimensional than he so easily could have been.”

  • Helen McCrory appears as “Mrs. Radcliffe” in the new film Becoming Jane and can be briefly seen in the film’s trailer.