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  • New video clip! Thanks to Kaz for this clip of Damian Lewis’s cameo appearance as Prime Minister Tony Blair in the recent ITV production of Confessions of a Diary Secretary.
  • If you’ve encounterd difficulty downloading and viewing the Band of Brothers and/or Warriors video clips (kindly provided by Perfectly Matte) and featuring interviews with Damian Lewis for the Channel 4 broadcast of The 50 Greatest TV Dramas – try downloading this codec or re-download Windows Media Player.
  • The Warriors clips and interviews on the 50 Greatest TV Dramas program have sparked renewed interest in the 2000 BAFTA winning mini-series starring Damian Lewis, Matthew Macfadyen, Ioan Gruffudd, and Jodhi May. Click on the links below for more information about this excellent and intense drama.

    » Lt. Loughrey and baby clip provided by Katy from the Jodhi May Domain
    » Warriors screencaps and images at the Gallery
    » Order the Region 2 Warriors DVD