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  • Ann shared information about the The British Film Institute’s database of UK television and film productions including some of Damian Lewis’s earliest works:

    » Ill, the 1996 short film directed by J.J.Keith

    » Life Force, a children’s science fiction program from 2000 featuring Damian as the evil Kurt Glemser

    » Hearts and Bones – Damian appeared as Mark Rose in this series just prior to being cast as Richard Winters in Band of Brothers

    » Some of the works in the BFI archive are available for viewing on site; click here for more information.

  • Click here for an article about the special screening of The Situation last night in Carlise, PA featuring director Philip Haas and a panel of political and military experts.
  • The IMDb page for the Best of Masterpiece Theatre 35th Anniversary Special now lists all of the celebrities interviewed for the program including Damian Lewis who was honored for his protrayal of Soames Forsyte in The Forsyte Saga.