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  • News update from Damian Lewis! The information below comes from his associate Melissa:

    » Damian greatly appreciated the gesture, on the part of his fans, of performing charitable acts in honor of his February 11th birthday.

    » He asked Melissa to tell us that “his priority at the moment is doing up his house (in north London) as they haven’t had time to do anything since moving in…there are no projects in the pipe line, just decorating and looking after (his baby girl) Manon!!”

    » Damian is waiting to hear if his new, serial police drama Life has been picked up by NBC. He may be traveling to New York for the announcement of the US fall television season on May 21st.

    » Regarding his Picture Farm productions: The Escapist is currently “in edit” and The Baker has not yet finalized a distribution agreement.

    » Damian also sent word that Love and Virtue “has been shelved for the time being” and that Chromophobia will open in Madrid, Spain on May 14th and “should be released in the UK in the autumn.”

    » Damian Lewis recently recorded two BBC Radio 4 plays: Insignificance by Terry Johnson and a two-part adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s famous novel My Cousin Rachel. Part one will air on May 6th at 3 PM and part two will follow on May 13th. Cast members include Lia Williams (Rachel), Clark Prekopp (Philip), Damian Lewis (Ambrose), Emily Wachter (Louise), and Paul Jesson (Geoffrey). The program is produced by Clive Brill who directed Damian in the Complete Arkangel Shakespeare audio plays and several BBC radio plays in the early part of Damian’s career.