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  • According to this Times Online article about Love and Virtue (the epic film written by Dr. Mia Sperber and scheduled to star Damian Lewis as the romantic hero Orlando/Roland) will begin filming in late August. Director Raoul Ruiz is quoted from Cannes as saying:

    “…when Dr Sperber sent him the script, he was intrigued. “There were so many possibilities. If I were to single out what most stands out about Love and Virtue, it would be its extraordinarily poetic and visionary character.” He said that the script’s philosophical and spiritual content was “coupled with great action, so rarely found in projects today”.

  • Many current articles are speculating about the recent, executive-level reorganization at NBC but according to TV Guide the changes in leadership are not expected to affect the network’s fall schedule that includes Damian Lewis starring in
    Life at 10 PM on Wednesday nights.