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  • BBC Radio is currently running a promotional clip for this Saturday’s broadcast of Insignificance starring Damian Lewis. Click here and scroll to the link marked “0730 – 0800” to hear the promo at approximately 45 seconds into the segment. The play sounds very interesting but Damian’s voice is not featured in the promo; his character is an American baseball player based on Marilyn Monroe’s famous husband Joe DiMaggio. Click here for a video clip of Joe DiMaggio on YouTube. Thanks to Ann for the links and to 6point7 for transcribing this article about the program from the current issue of Radio Times:

    “It’s 1953 and in a New York hotel room four archetypal characters are exploring love, life and the universe. If they sound familiar then that’s because they are meant to. Allan Corduer’s professor bears a remarkable resemblance to Albert Einstein; John Guerrasio’s senator is a Joe McCarthy clone; and Damian Lewis’s intellectually stunted ballplayer is a dead ringer for Joe DiMaggio. But it is Megan Dodds as the beautiful, breathless but ultimately doomed actress – yes, of course, it’s Marilyn Monroe – who delivers the intellectual as well as the emotional punches in this spellbinding, thought provoking psychological drama.”

  • In an interview with the Daily Mail actress Kristin Scott Thomas expressed disappointment that her 2004 film Chromophobia co-starring Damian Lewis has never been released in the UK; click here to read the article.