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  • We won! Hurray! Great job! ➡

    It was a very close race but Damian Lewis beat actor Jesse Spencer (the handsome, young Dr. Chase on House) to be named Hello! Magazine’s Most Attractive Man of the Week! The monthly contest starts on June 29th and the competition looks tough! (Daniel Craig, Eric Bana, and George Clooney! Yikes! Start resting up your fingers now because they’re going to get a workout!) 😥

  • A number of US libraries have hosted (or are planning) Stormbreaker book and/or film events for pre-teens and teens. A discussion of the film took place today in Cincinnati and another is planned for Huntsville, AL on July 19th.

    The Stormbreaker DVD features Damian Lewis and makes a nice gift for a young adult (or consider donating a copy to your local library or Childrens Hospital!)