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  • Fans of Damian Lewis are enjoying the opportunity to read this blogger’s comments about the upcoming US television season including ardent praise for the “titian-haired beauty” who stars as “…Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis), a Los Angeles cop wrongfully imprisoned for murder on NBC’s “Life”… (Lewis played) Maj. Richard D. Winters, the quintessential American hero, in HBO’s “Band of Brothers.” That performance would’ve been the highlight of many careers, but he followed it up with a poignant performance as the cold, abusive Soames Forsyte in PBS’ “The Forsyte Saga” — a turn so brilliant that it totally reinterpreted the story. You have to be a very good actor indeed to do that…”

    You know, Damian didn’t seem especially pleased when the British press dubbed him as “The Ginger Prince” so he might not appreciate being described as a “titian-haired beauty” – but in all honesty the phrase is very apt! Damo, you’ll just have to deal with it, you titian-haired beauty! 😉