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  • Click here for information about NBC’s sneak preview of their US television fall season (including Life starring Damian Lewis) which will air on September 8th. The program will also be available on other channels and in additional formats.
  • KathyV posted this description of Damian’s “Celebrity Photo Booth” appearance last night on Entertainment Tonight!.
  • In this video interview Connie Nielson, who stars in The Situation with Damian Lewis, talks about the film and how she researched her character. She also reveals that it was possible to make the movie with a “laughable budget” of $1.4 million because many of the local technical and special effects experts donated their time freely to ensure that this important film was made. This interesting interview also includes the full trailer for the film. The Situation was released on DVD in North America on July 31st.
  • Click on the links below for more about the NBC sneak preview and for articles about Life starring Damian Lewis.
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