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  • Watch Life starring Damian Lewis on Wednesday night!

    » Tomorrow night Tear Assunder (episode two of Life) will air at 10pm ET on NBC in the US and on Global TV in Canada.

    » Also on Wednesday night the pilot episode for Life (Merit Badge) will premiere on Ten at 9:30pm in Australia; click here for an article about the Australian premiere of the program.

    » Amy shared the news that Life is also repeating in Canada on Saturday nights on NTV (PDF file).

    » Spoiler warning! Click here to read the storylines for the first 4 episodes of Life; the title of episode 3 has been changed from Trickster to Let Her Go.

    » Click here and here for more viewer comments about Life.

    » Each week IMDb updates their “Starmeter” and “Moviemeter” statistics by calculating the increase/decrease in hits on their pages as an indication of the relative popularity of the actor or the show. The Moviemeter for Life is up 624% since last week and the Starmeter for Damian Lewis is up 363%! The page for Sarah Shahi is also up
    384%! NBC had a strong premiere week, click here for the details.