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  • Yay, Chromophobia will be screening at the Bath Film Festival in the UK on November 3rd! Click here for more info!
  • Click here and here for more from Variety and the Hollywood Reporter on NBC’c order of 3 additional scripts of Life. It’s not quite a “back nine” order to complete a full 22 episode season (the initial order was for 13 episodes), but it’s still very encouraging! Of course, it helps that there’s an impending writer’s strike and the networks want to secure a couple more finished scripts to prevent an interruption in production!
  • E!’s Kristin lists Life under “Likely a Keeper” in her Which New Series Are Most Likely to Survive article saying it’s “not quite a breakout, but it has all the makings of one. Though it was originally overlooked and underpromoted, we’re rooting for it to become fall’s sleeper hit!”
  • More Life notes: has updated its gallery, video and recap sections, and conspiracy wall; Click here at Capslock community for a quick and easy download of Episode 3 screencaps; Check out this positive review of Life from the tv and pop culture blog South Dakota Dark.