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  • Individuals living in EU countries can order the Hungarian region 2 DVD for The Baker (produced by and starring Damian Lewis) from Netpiac. The DVD offers both original English and Hungarian-dubbed versions and the cost is 25.37 euros for the DVD and shipping.
    Netpiac also offers a region 2 DVD for The Situation starring Damian Lewis. Contact Selene with information or advice regarding the DVDs or the ordering process.
  • According to the UK Film Distributors site Chromophobia will be released in UK cinemas on December 14th and The Escapist has a UK cinematic release date of April 11th, and Helen McCrory’s film with Danial Craig titled Flashbacks of a Fool will be released on March 14th!

  • Video clip update:

    » Click here for the Spanish trailer for Keane.

    » Click here for Donna De Lory’s rendition of In the Sun from Life episode 5 The Fallen Woman.

    » This site is offers several video clips from Life.

    » US viewers should keep on the lookout for new promotional ads for Life currently running on NBC.

  • Click on the links below for interviews, articles, and reviews about Life:
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