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  • The sexy sunglasses that Damian Lewis wears in Life are Persols from Italy (model 2763). Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan have also favored Persol sunglasses in Casino Royale and Die Another Day.
  • Unconfirmed reports posted on the NBC Life Message Board say that the production of Life will be stopping “almost immediately” (even though scripts are available for at least two episodes that have not yet been filmed) because most of the actors are supporting the strike by the Screenwriters Guild.
  • This article indicates that baseball caps for several California professional league teams (including the Modesto Nuts!) will be prominently featured as clues in Farthingale, (episode 8 of Life that will air in the US on November 14th.)
  • New additions on YouTube: click here for the very funny “Intenet for Idiots” clip from Powerless (episode 6 of Life) and click
    here for a new fan video for Charlie Crews.

  • Keep voting (through December 6th) for Life as The People’s Choice for the Best New Television Drama. You can also vote for Becoming Jane featuring Helen McCrory as The People’s Choice for the Best Independent Film.