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  • Chromophobia news!

    » Chromophobia will be theatrically released in the UK on December 14th by Momentum Pictures.

    » In this interview with director Martha Fiennes, Candida Crewe of The Times describes Chromophobia as an “astonishingly rich and resonant” film.

    » The film has been rated as “15” (suitable for viewing by ages 15 years and older) by the British Board of Film Classification.

    » Chromophobia is currently available on Region 2 DVD in France (the DVD includes both original English and French-dubbed versions of the film).

  • News about Life starring Damian Lewis:

    » Life is very popular in Australia where it is ranked seventh in overall popularity with the 18-49 demographic age group, winning its timeslot for 8 straight weeks with a 38.4% share!

    » Australia’s Ten network has announced their 2008 lineup that includes Life among the shows that will return next year.

    » This eBay listing indicates that NBC has been promoting Life to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for Golden Globe Award consideration.

    » US viewers can download all episodes of Life at Amazon Unbox; episodes 4 through 8 are currently available for free, online viewing at

    » This blogger describes Life as “funny, poignant and philosophically intriguing, all without ever once overstepping the line and showing off. It’s got the brains and style of the great literary novel, but it’s still proud to show the world that at heart, it’s a fun paperback thriller. That’s not an easy combination to pull off… I love Damian Lewis’s slightly amazed deadpan delivery. I think Charlie Crews might just be the least boring man on TV.”

    » Remember to vote for Life to win the People’s Choice Award for the “Best New Television Drama”.

  • Thanks to Ann for the news that BBC Radio 7 will re-broadcast The Last of the Mohicans with Helen McCrory on November 26th and 27th. Click here for more information about Damian Lewis’s radio performances and click here for similar information about Ms. McCrory’s BBC Radio programs.
  • A new fan video has been posted on YouTube featuring Damian Lewis as Richard Winters in Band of Brothers.