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  • Tonight US television network NBC aired the “Fall Season Finale” of Life starring Damian Lewis and it was spectacular! This review (spoilers!) of the episode from Brian Ford Sullivan of the Futon Critic says of the show:

    “It all leads to the most genuine ‘I can’t believe I missed it’ moment any TV show has churned out in some time. Kudos to Damian Lewis, Rand Ravich and company … trust me, this is a great show.”

    It was also a nice surprise to see Damian’s Band of Brothers co-star Michael Cudlitz (Sgt. Randleman) making a second guest appearance on tonight’s show as inmate Mark Rawls.

    The good news is that Life will be back next year but the bad news is that it’s going to be a long, hard wait until we will have a chance to see new Charlie Crews stories starring the brilliant Damian Lewis! 😥

  • A new radio interview with Damian Lewis now available online! The interview was given by Damian Lewis this morning to Kevin and Bean on KROQ in Los Angeles about his role as Charlie Crews on Life; thanks to Melinda for the link! In the interview Damian says that he is finding it easier to maintain an American accent – even when he is in the middle of an argument. (He’s good!)
  • Click here for more details from the recent interview with Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi; including the news that the Lewis family are planning to stay in Los Angeles for the winter to enjoy the weather. Damian said “I’m putting sun cream on and walking about in my shorts.” 😀
  • Spoilers! This article about Life says that the program “has caught on via word of mouth, and a very vocal and passionate online fanbase that has been begging critics to speak out in its favor.” Good work, everyone – keep pouring it on!
  • Click here (and scroll down) to read some great comments posted by fans of Life. Click on the links below for more articles that may be of interest to supporters of the show.
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  • Great news! The region 2 DVD for The Baker, starring and produced by Damian Lewis, will be released in the UK on March 3rd! ➡