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  • Update on Life starring Damian Lewis:

    » All eleven first season episodes of Life are now available for free online viewing (in the US) at; some episodes are also available on MySpace.

    » Click here to access a NBC Group dedicated to Life.

    » Click here to read more praise for Life.

  • Chromophobia news:

    » Listen online to an interview with Chromophobia director Martha Fiennes given today on BBC Radio 4’s Start the Week program (the interview starts at approximately 22 minutes.)

    » Damian Lewis and Kristin Scott Thomas are singled out (of the all-star ensemble cast of Chromophobia) for praise in this review.

    » Chromophobia is currently running in the UK in selected cinemas and is expected to be released on region 2 DVD in the UK next year. The film is currently available from France on DVD (the region 2 French DVD offers both original English and French-dubbed versions.)