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  • Damian Lewis Update!
    Information received from Damian’s associate Melissa indicates that the Lewis family are back in the UK for the holidays; here’s the news:

    » The family are doing well and are enjoying their time in Los Angeles during the filming of Life. Right now Damian is just waiting out the labor strike by the Screenwriters Guild before he can begin working again.

    » Last Friday Helen McCrory (with new son Gulliver) took part in wardrobe fittings for her role as Narcissa Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

    » Damian confirmed that distribution rights for The Baker have been acquired by 2Entertain and they hope to release the film theatrically in the UK in February or March of 2008.

    » Damian and Melissa sent best wishes for the holidays! (Right back at them!) ➡

  • The People’s Choice Awards will broadcast in the US on CBS January 8th and Life has been nominated in the Best New TV Drama award category. However, it was announced today that there will not be a live “red carpet” awards ceremony because of the writers strike. Instead the show “will include pre-recorded acceptance speeches by winners as well as their responses to questions sent in by fans, according to a People’s Choice statement.” 😥