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  • Happy Holidays to the Lewis family and their supporters all over the world! ➡
  • Information posted at the NBC Universal Media site suggests that episodes of Life starring Damian Lewis will begin re-running on January 19th! 😀
  • Television reviewer Al Norton of Boston Now included Life in his list of “Top 10
    Drama Series for 2007” stating that the program is:

    “…Easily the show that improved the most over the fall, Damian Lewis and a strong supporting cast help this show embrace its inner weirdness. As odd as it can be, Life always seems comfortable in its own skin, which is not as easy as you might think. The quality of the series is a testament to pacing; by not revealing too much of the running ‘who set Charlie up and why?’ mystery too early, it gave the audience time to care about the characters.”

  • This Guardian review of the US 2007 television season cites Damian Lewis (Life) and Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies) as the year’s best British imports.
  • At TV Squad Joel Keller described Life as “a procedural with intricate and unusual cases and a compelling lead character, rivetingly played by Damian Lewis.”
  • Janeprefect has posted a new fan video for Life on YouTube (warning, season finale spoilers!)