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  • Damian Lewis has convincingly portrayed many different characters but if you’ve only seen his “clean-cut” personas in programs such as Life, Band of Brothers, and The Forsyte Saga then you may be surprised by images of some of his longer-haired characters; click on the links below to check out a few examples. (No matter the length of his hair – he always looks good!)
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  • Director Rupert Wyatt gave a very interesting and in-depth interview to IndieWire that included information about his background and the making of his new film The Escapist which features his Picture Farm business partner Damian Lewis.
  • In a poll sponsored by the News & Observer, viewers in Raleigh, NC picked Life starring Damian Lewis as one of the “Best Television Shows of 2007”.
  • Spoiler warning! Many terrific quotes from the pilot episode of Life have now been posted on IMDb.
  • This social and political commentator has selected The Situation starring Damian Lewis as one of the best US films released in 2007.