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  • Damian Lewis is currently in Park City, UT at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival! Check the Warehouse Gallery for new photos including: ➡

    » Pictures of Damian at the Sky 360 Lounge with Escapist Director Rupert Wyatt and Brian Cox, Dominic Cooper, and Liam Cunningham.

    » Images of Damian with Michael Jones, Brian Cox, and Rupert Wyatt at a Variety event held at the New York Lounge.

    » Pictures of Damian and cast at the Escapist Premiere and at a Portrait Shoot.

  • News about The Escapist:

    » According to this IGN article The Escapist is “currently causing a stir in Sundance!”

    » Click here for comments from Cinematical.

    » Click here for information about Director Rupert Wyatt’s new project for Vertigo titled The Trail.

  • Life News:

    » Life staring Damian Lewis premiered this week in New Zealand on TV3; click here for information, images and videos.

    » Life also premiered this week in Spain on AXN; click here and here for Spanish-dubbed video clips.

    » Life will air in France this year on TF1; click here for more information.

    » A new Life music video titled I Don’t Know by DreamsoftheSpider has been posted on YouTube.

  • Update on The Baker:

    » The UK (region 2) DVD for The Baker is now available for pre-order from with a release date of March 3rd. The DVD will offer a “making of” extra titled “A Look Behind … The Baker”.

    » The British Board of Film Classification has rated the film “12” indicating that it is suitable for viewing by ages 12 and older.

  • Click here for scans, provided by KathyV, of a 22 year-old Damian Lewis rehearsing for the role of Horace in the 1993-94 Almeida production of Molière’s School For Wives.
  • Birthday news!

    » Congratulations to Major Richard Winters on his 90th Birthday! Many people first learned about this fine man as a result of Damian Lewis’s performance in Band of Brothers; click here to find out more about him.

    » Damian Lewis’s 37th birthday is on February 11th and fans have been asked to perform a special act of charity or kindness in his honor; click here to read more about it.

  • The recent weekend edition of the Evening Standard magazine says that actresses Helena Bonham Carter and Helen McCrory are planning a “witches’ crèche” on the set of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to accommodate Helena’s newborn daughter and Helen and Damian Lewis’s new son Gulliver.