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  • The Sunday Times has a wonderful interview with brothers Damian and Gareth Lewis!

    Gareth wrote and directed The Baker and Damian helped produce the film and stars. Gareth Lewis was honored as “Best Director” for The Baker at the 2007 Tremblant Film Festival.

    The movie will open theatrically in the UK on February 29th at the
    Ritzy PictureHouse and will be released on DVD on March 3rd. Click here to view the trailer at the Bankside Films site. This BBC Set Report offers on-location interviews with the talented Lewis brothers!

  • The Wall Street Journal discusses the post-strike plans of the major US television networks and says:

    “…many first-year shows, such as NBC’s “Life,” which picked up a small but enthusiastic audience when it premiered last autumn, will remain in hibernation until the fall. Then, with the fanfare of a new season’s marketing campaign, the networks will try to win back forgetful viewers…”

    The article also says that NBC may be participating in the traditional Upfront promotions for new and returning shows that will take place in May.

  • The British Board of Film Classification has rated Chromophobia starring Damian Lewis as “15”; the DVD will be released in the UK on April 7th.
  • Poll update! Vote for Life at the Buddy TV and The People’s Choice sites.