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  • Click here (and go to page 3) for new production photos from The Baker starring and produced by Damian Lewis.

    Tickets are now available for the February 29th UK premiere of The Baker. Damian Lewis will personally introduce the 9 PM screening at the Ritzy PictureHouse.

    Thanks to Leah, the trailer for The Baker is now available for download here. It’s an avi file (17 MB) and should play on Windows Media Player and on RealPlayer.

    The Baker will be released on region 2 DVD in the UK on March 3rd.

  • New scans of Damian Lewis as Hamlet from the 1994 programme for the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre are now available in the Gallery Warehouse (scroll to the end of the album for the new images.)

    This is the production that Gareth Lewis referred to in the recent Sunday Times interview with the Lewis brothers:

    “Damian was becoming successful quite quickly. He was 23 when he did Hamlet in Regent’s Park. I’ve always loved being part of that success, you know, going to the shows and saying: ‘Yeah, that’s my brother.’”

  • Update: click here and here for behind-the-scenes videoclips from An Unfinished Life featuring Damian Lewis, Jennifer Lopez, Becca Gardner, Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman and director Lasse Hallstrom. The clips were posted on YouTube by nmou81.