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  • Update: Damian Lewis will introduce two screenings of The Baker on Feb 29th! Friday’s 9:00 PM screening of The Baker at the Ritzy PictureHouse has sold out, so Damian will now be introducing the 6:50 PM showing, too! Tickets to that screening and all other screenings of The Baker are on sale now! Click here to order tickets online. The Baker will screen at the Ritzy PictureHouse from the February 29th through March 6th.
  • Click on the ‘Listen Again’ button here at the BBC Radio 2 site for a nice review of The Baker from Sunday. It’s about 36 min into the program.
  • Click here for the new Facebook group for The Baker. The Escapist Facebook group can be found here.
  • The Evening Standard lists Gareth Lewis among those “up and coming” in its “Who’s in and who’s out?” article.