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  • Jodi is the name of a lucky girl who had a brief chance encounter with Damian Lewis at a notary office in North London last Friday! She said that he was wearing shorts and a jumper (sweater) having just finished playing a game of football (soccer). Click here to read more about the encounter and click here for photos of Damian playing football.
  • (Spoliers!) “A Customer from Lincoln” gave a 5 star review to The Baker starring Damian Lewis on the Sofa Cinema site saying:

    This is not a rom com, not a black comedy and certainly not a thriller. It’s an out and out quirky British comedy. Hitman (Damian Lewis) tires of his life and seeks to get away from it all in a small Welsh village where, in an attempt to blend in, he becomes a baker. Unfortunately for him, local village half-wit, with a passion for blowing up sheep using home-made fertiliser bombs, stumbles upon Lewis’ real ‘identity’. This soon becomes known amongst the predominantly male occupants of the village who, thinking he is merely undercover, seek his services to rid themselves of overbearing wives and annoying neighbours – well you would wouldn’t you! Lewis has an encounter early on with local vet (Kate Ashfield) which adds a bit of romance to proceedings – including passion frenzy involving a variety of cake making ingredients – beats whipping up a Victoria sponge! This film has no pretensions about setting itself in any genre – it’s just 90 mins of easy to watch, fun.

    This hilarious film is currently available for purchase on region 2 DVD.

  • This site offers information about charitable work done by celebrities including Damian Lewis. Damian is an ambassador for the Christian Aid organization; click here for more information about his work with this worthy group.