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  • The Telegraph has a great interview with the lovely Helen McCrory where she discusses the different ways she and hubby Damian like to spend their weekends. Her movie with Daniel Craig Flashbacks of a Fool is now in release in the UK. You’ll be able to catch her in Ibsen’s Rosmersholm at the Almeida from May 15th to July 5th.
  • Click here for the mp3 and Real audio download of BBC Radio 4’s Josephine Hart Poetry Hour Programme: the unforgettable poetry of WWI. It may still be listened to online. Thanks to Kaz for the download!

    Some of you might have noticed that all other media links are currently down! 😥 I’m so sorry about that – I’ll try to have them up again in a few days!

  • Click here at Youtube for a clip of the
    “Dapple Dandy” scene between Charlie and Kyle from
    Life episode “Fill It Up”.