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  • Damian Lewis fans have done a fantastic job in moving their guy into 1st place but the contest isn’t over yet so keep voting in the Hello! Most Atttractive Man of the Week contest!
  • Papado21 posted this lovely fan video from Brides/Nyfes – featuring Damian Lewis and Victoria Charalambidou – on YouTube and here’s a tribute (created by helllllo83) to the wonderful music from Brides composed by Stamatis Spanoudakis.
  • Thanks to Nath at our affiliate site the Joesph Fiennes Web for sharing some gorgeous untagged photos of Damian Lewis from the awesome 2002 John Angerson photoshoot.
  • This review of Life starring Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi from Tonight in South Africa says:

    “Damian Lewis is captivatingly quirky as the wrongly accused Charlie Crews in what is quite possibly one of the best drama series to hit our screens in recent times. But Life wouldn’t have quite the same kick, were it not for Crews’s practical partner, Dani, who is fighting a few toxic demons of her own.”