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  • The Baker, produced by and starring Damian Lewis, screens at the RiverRun International Film Festival in Winston-Salem, NC on April 25th and 26th; click here for clips from festival’s films (scenes from The Baker run from start at 5:15 minutes.) Click
    here for The Baker’s UK playdates and cinemas.
  • On Saturday BBC Radio 4 will broadcast Nigel Balchin’s play The Small Back Room starring Damian Lewis. Jane Anderson’s Radio Times review had this to say about the programme:

    The Saturday Play: The Small Back Room
    Saturday 26 April

    2:30pm – 3:30pm
    BBC Radio 4

    Sammy Rice is a British back-room boy. He and a couple of other scientists work tightly together to test inventions that might prove useful in the war against Germany. When Rice is asked to help another department investigate the workings of a new rash of enemy bombs he’s happy to assist, but his greatest problem turns out to be the battle with inter-departmental bureaucracy rather than scary Nazi technology. Damian Lewis as Sammy explodes with invective ire at his superiors and you can feel his internal combustion hitting danger level when he is finally faced with a real bomb to defuse. This thriller is as taut as a stretched wire – and one that hasn’t been earthed, at that.

    On Thursday, April 24th BBC Radio 4 will air a feature about the play’s author Nigel Balchin.

  • Reminder! Two Damian Lewis films will broadcast on the US Sundance Channel this Friday night April 25th: The Situation at 7pm ET and Keane at 10pm ET.
  • This article in the Official London Theatre Guide states that The Almeida is offering £10 tickets for theatergoers under the age of 25 for Helen McCrory’s new play Ibsen’s Rosmersholm which opens in May (previews starting May 15th.)