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  • Comments about The Escapist with Damian Lewis:

    » Alex Billington from raved about the film when he first saw it at the Sundance International Film Festival and he has still more great things to say about this feature:

    “The Escapist is an absolutely phenomenal movie. It was my favorite film of Sundance, hands down, and has been one of the few I’ve been very anxious to see again…I really can’t say enough good things – the soundtrack in it is incredible, Brian Cox is amazing, and everything else is pretty damn perfect. The Escapist will probably still remain one of my favorites all year long and is guaranteed to end up on my best of the year list…” Click here to read the full article and click here for Billington’s original 9-star review from Sundance.

    » For Cinematical Eric Snider describes The Escapist as “…a thrilling, visceral movie that I think audiences will really go for once they get a chance to see it.” And cick here for James Rocchi’s rave review of The Escapist for Cinematical from Sundance.

    » This blogger is eagerly anticipating the release of The Escapist.

  • The Situation starring Damian Lewis is now available on DVD in France.
  • Click here for a review of the BBC Radio 4 production of The Small Black Room starring Damian Lewis. This program is available here for download in Real and MP3 formats.