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  • Vote for Damian Lewis in the Hello! Most Attractive Man of the Month contest! The contest will run until the end of May and you can vote every 15 minutes.
  • News from Damian! Melissa forwarded responses from Damian Lewis about his projects:

    » Damian will participate in the NBC Upfront event in New York City which begins on May 12th. The Upfronts are used by the networks to showcase new and returning programs for the upcoming fall season.

    Variety reports that NBC is planning the “NBC Universal Experience,” a circus-like event at 30 Rock in which Madison Avenue men and women, along with the press, will get a taste of all things Peacock.”

    » Damian did not attend the recent Rose d’Or television awards in Lucerne. Life was the only US production nominated for “Best Drama” but it didn’t win; click here for the list of Rose d’Or winning programs.

    » Damian also shared the news that filming for the second season of Life will begin on June 2nd and that the program will premiere in the UK on ITV in the Autumn.

  • There’s good news for Canadian fans of Life because Canwest has renewed their contract with NBC for the right to broadcast the second season of Life; click here to read the full article.
  • Thanks to Watcher Fan for the head’s up about the new Timeline for Life from NBC’s official site for the show.
  • Spoilers! The fans can’t help talking about Charlie Crews! This viewer said:

    “Life” does not insult the intelligence of the viewer, but challenges them through smart writing which distinguishes the show from other crime procedurals. The acting on the show is just as satisfying as the writing, especially the chemistry between the two leads, Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi, is impressive. The characters are not perfect, they have real flaws which makes them fairly interesting to watch.”

    And this viewer’s comments include:

    “I love the way Detective Crews is portrayed by Damian Lewis… He has a unique way of bringing dry humor, with a bit of sarcasm mixed in to this new prime time drama.”

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