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  • Gareth Lewis’s film The Baker starring Damian Lewis screens 2 times today in competition at the
    2008 Ibiza International Film Festival in Spain; the festival awards ceremony will take place on the 31st. Click here to download the festival schedule (PDF file) and click here for the festival programme (Zip file, page 13).
  • Thanks to Jen for updating us about Damian Lewis television broadcasts in Australia in June and July including Stormbreaker and Keane.
  • We are also grateful to Katerina for sending information about telecasts of The Baker starring Damian Lewis on HBO in the Czech Republic but it is still not known if the film is dubbed or shown in English with subtitles. HBO is airing the film in several eastern European countries; click here for information given in Serbian.
  • Click here and here for new Life music videos by Shervin on YouTube.
  • The contest continues throughout May so vote for Damian Lewis in the Hello! Most Attractive Man of the Month poll!