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  • Loads of fantastic new Damian Lewis screencaps from Hearts and Bones season 1 episode 4 have been posted in the Photo Gallery Warehouse. Thanks to gbrd1230 for creating these great images! 😀
  • Life in the press:

    » Suzanne reported that the back page of today’s issue of Variety contains a full-page, color advertisement featuring Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) and Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi) for NBC’s Nominate08 “Give me Life or give me Death” Emmy Awards Campaign.

    » We heard from Connie that “_ _ _ _ Arkin of Life” is a clue in this week’s TV Guide crossword puzzle!

  • Yul1991 has posted a clip of the opening scene from season 1 episode 4 of Life on YouTube.
  • Thank you to everyone who voted for Damian Lewis in the Hello! Most Attractive Man of the Month contest for April; Damian came in a strong second behind David Tennant (better luck next time!) 🙁