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  • Damian is featured in Variety’s Leading men in Emmy Contention for his work on Life. According to Damian:

    Favorite scene: “When Crews delivers a fairy tale white horse to his ex-wife because he ‘always promised.’ It succeeds in being both incredibly romantic and eccentric.”

    What you like most about your character: “He’s someone who’s tremendously engaging and has been given a second chance to reinvent himself. He sees the world with new eyes and is reborn.”

    TV guilty pleasure: “We just had our baby, and I’ve been watching ‘X Factor’ and ‘Pop Idol.’ ”

    » Click here and here for fantastic new Life icons and picspam by sweet_revenge00.

    » Damian’s was spotted filming at an LA apartment yesterday – but it doesn’t look like he was captured in any of their pics. Darn! (Or is that Damian – seated on the far left in this picture?!) 😉

    » personal pineapple’s latest newsletter reviews the past 2 months of Life news & discussion.

  • A special IFTA screening of The Escapist followed by a Q&A with actor Brian Cox will be held June 11th in Dublin. Looks like members-only. More info here.

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  • New livejournal community: Click here for bob_rewatch, a new Band of Brothers rewatch community. Discussion for episodes 1 & 2 begins June 6.
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  • Click here for new pics of little Manon and her mama at Tuesday’s Barnardo’s Big Toddle event in the UK. Thanks to Ann for the headsup!