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  • Lots of news for The Escapist!

    » The Escapist opens theatrically in the UK on June 20th and the list of cinemas that will be playing the film is now available on the movie’s official site.

    Calling all Damian Lewis fans in the UK and Ireland! It’s very important that the movie does well during the opening weekend (to keep it running in the theatres and to earn a wide theatrical release in other countries) so please go to see it on the weekend of the 20th – and if you like the film be sure to tell your friends and family to check it out!

    » Spoilers! Click here for a Metro interview with Joseph Fiennes.

    » In July The Escapist will screen in Auckland for the New Zealand International Film Festival.

    » (Minor) spoilers! Click here or here to read a report from an attendee at the film’s premiere benefiting Diabetes UK.

    » Here are some of the early press quotes for The Escapist:

    “The Escapist: A ‘spectacular feature film from Rupert Wyatt” Aesthetica

    “…an impressively pumped up Joe Fiennes, while Damian Lewis is icily threatening as the prison’s calculating big shot.” Red

    “A compelling yarn that’s told with timeline trickery… If you loved The Shawshank Redemption and Escape from Alcatraz, this nail-bitter is for you.” FOUR STARS Loaded

    “At last a British crime movie that’s as good as its pitch sounds: Brian Cox trying to break out of prison. Do you need to know any more to want to see it?” FOUR STARS Empire

    “Director Rupert Wyatt allows the thrill of the chase to set the film’s pace. The film is snappily edited and makes superb use of sound too…the ensemble cast are excellent too.” Clash

  • According to, television critic Matthew Gilbert had this to say about Life and Damian Lewis’s performance as Charlie Crews:

    “I love Life. I mean, “Life.” And I think it has the potential to take off this year, once it returns. I hope people check it out. Lewis is great. If the first season hadn’t been abbreviated by the strike, Lewis might have been a more serious contender for an Emmy nomination.”

  • Thanks to Suzanne from Holland for calling our attention to’s page for Damian Lewis.
  • Warriors, the BAFTA-winning drama starring Damian Lewis, Ioan Gruffudd, Matthew Macfadyen, and Jodhi May, will air on Channel 4 in the UK on June 21st.