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The Escapist premiere at Sundance - Rupert Wyatt, Brian Cox, Dominic Cooper, Liam Cunningham, and Damian Lewis

  • UK theatrical release! See The Escapist with Damian Lewis starting Friday, June 20th; click here for the cinema list.
  • Adam Sweeting of Uncut reviewed The Escapist and the work of Brian Cox saying:

    “…Thanks to the hallucinatory multi-flashback structure, you’re kept wondering if they’ll get away and whether you can cling onto the storyline. Wyatt shot on a shoestring in London and Dublin and wrapped it in a hectic 26 days, having successfully created a hellish ‘prison that time forgot’, all sweltering heat and claustrophobia. It’s a world away from big budget movies like Bourne and X-Men that dot his CV, but clearly the kind of vital, energised film making Cox responds to.”

  • The comments below about The Escapist were posted on IMDb today by a viewer named TKL:

    “I have seen 2 separate screenings of this film now. The first time I thought it was very good, but the second time I thought it was a truly great film. I sat there through the whole film with goosebumps the second time around. You start to see more and more on the screen that you missed the first time round. I can’t wait to see it again when it gets released. It really is one of the best films I have seen for a very long time. This could well be a classic in the waiting!”

  • Today is “Father’s Day” in the US; thank you and congratulations to fathers everywhere including Mr. Damian Lewis! ➡