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  • Today the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced the semi-finalists for “Best Actor in a Drama” Emmy Award and Damian Lewis was not listed! This despite the fact that his portrayal of Detective Charlie Crews in Life is mesmerizing and the most powerful US television performance in years! He’s absolutely brilliant! 😥
  • A new review of The Escapist states:

    “…This is a film that achieves on a variety of levels. Firstly, it does entertain and things certainly do not go as planned throughout. Secondly, it explores some worthy themes in fraternity and freedom. However, it is its non-preachy portrayal of the soul-destroying futility of incarcerating people beyond the point where they have hope for another life that has to be the film’s most powerful and lasting legacy. This film may well not prove to be another Shawshak Redemption in terms of mass popularity. However, it still resonates in its own way about retaining one’s humanity and dignity despite being incarcerated for many years.”

  • The region 2 DVD for Chromophobia starring Damian Lewis is available in the UK, France, and Greece.