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Spoiler warning! This (very funny) video reveals information about season 2 of Life!


  • Thanks to Ryanne from The Bakery for finding this hilarious TV Guide video interview with Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi at the recent NBC All-Star Party discussing their wonderful television series Life (among other things!) The entire interview is really funny and Damian’s slightly-tipsy, mute imitation of an angry football player is not to be missed! 😆

  • In an article about the impact of the recent television writers strike Christopher Lawrence of the Las Vegas Review Journal quotes Life’s executive producer Rand Ravich:

    “If you have never seen the show before,” says Rand Ravich, creator of NBC’s quirky detective series “Life,” “you can come to this episode one and be thrown into the world and not be left behind and be instantly up to date with everything that’s happening.”

  • A report about the Television Critic Association’s Summer Press Tour from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says that Valerie Harper will play Charlie Crews’s Mother in season 2 of Life (possibly in flashbacks since Charlie’s Mother is deceased and his Dad is getting remarried!)

  • region-1-dvd-for-the-baker.jpg

  • The Baker starring and produced by Damian Lewis will be released in North America on region 1 DVD on August 12th and is now available for preorder from Canada at PlayUSA and ZipCA. ➡

  • the-baker-dvd-australia.jpg

  • The Baker will be released in Australia on September 18th on region 4 DVD (Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean) and is now available for preorder. The film is currently available for rent in Australia. 😀

  • australian-dvd-cover-for-the-situation.jpg

  • The Situation starring Damian Lewis is now available for sale or rent on region 4 DVD in Australia.