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  • Spoiler warning! Alan Sepinwall of the New Jersey Star Ledger reported on plans for re-launching US sophomore television dramas that were interrupted last year in mid-season due to the writers strike. One of the shows that will be re-introduced is Life starring Damian Lewis:

    “We are re-launching the show,” says “Life” creator Rand Ravich. “Our episode one this season is a sort of pilot. If you have never seen the show before, you can come to this episode one and be thrown into the world and not be left behind and be instantly up to date with everything that’s happening.”

    …Even in a dozen episodes or less, each show established enough of an ongoing storyline that the creators are taking extra care to explain things for newcomers and/or to refresh the memories of people who watched the abbreviated first seasons. Ravich has joked that the first “Previously, on ‘Life'” will take up the entire season premiere.

    …Befitting his main character, Zen koan-spouting LAPD detective Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis), “Life” creator Ravich describes the lessons of season one in philosophical terms. “I found out that you really need to trust the character. You cannot force the character into situations where you think it would play. You cannot force the character into something where you go, ‘Oh, this will be a morality tale or whatever.’ You need to let the character grow. You need to be on Charlie Crews’ side. ‘Oh, I’m just out of prison, I’m unsprung, I’ve got all this money, I can say anything to anyone that I want, I’ve got this ex-wife.’ You need to let those circumstances drive the character and not force him into jerry-rigged circumstances that you or the studio or the network think would be fun. You need to let him drive the show.”

    …Several of the series have undergone cast changes between seasons… Donal Logue joins the cast of “Life” as Crews’ new boss in an attempt to lighten Lewis’ workload (Robin Weigert, who had been playing the boss, will appear from time to time in a new capacity.)

  • In “What They Saw” episode 1.04 of Life, actor William Sanderson played Holt Easley, a homeless man befriended by Damian Lewis’s character Charlie Crews; according to the latest issue of TV Guide there are no plans at this time for Sanderson to repeat the role for season 2.

  • Click here for a new Life fan video on YouTube that was created by eternalflame92 and titled “I’m Feeling Good – Charlie Crews.”
  • Click here for an article about the new episodes ordered for Phineas and Ferb – the animated Disney children’s television show – that will include a guest (voice) appearance by Damian Lewis.

  • Amazon Canada is now offering the region 1 (Canada and US) DVD for The Baker starring Damian Lewis at the pre-order price of $20.97 CDN or $20.43 US. The R1 DVD will be released on August 12th.

  • The new blu-ray DVD for Band of Brothers will be released in the UK on November 10th and is now available for pre-order.

  • The region 2 DVD for The Situation starring Damian Lewis was recently released in Portugal.