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  • Christopher Lawrence’s comments about Life for the Las Vegas Review Journal include:

      Crews spent last season living in a mansion with no furniture and rarely is seen without a piece of fruit, the more exotic the better. (Crews’ idiosyncrasies extend to the British actor who plays him and speaks in an American accent offscreen as well. “I’ve played so many
      Americans now over the last six or seven years,” Lewis says, “that I developed, I guess, an American persona that I just feel is part of me.”)

  • The Cape Cod Times posted this review of Life starring “the wonderful Damian Lewis.” 😀

  • Northwest Airlines is currently offering The Baker as an inflight entertainment selection. The Baker is available on DVD in:

      » Region 1 (Canada and US)

      » Region 2 (UK, EU, MidEast, Egypt, SoAfrica, and Japan)

      » Region 4 (Australia, September 18th)

  • This heartbreaking clip from Keane starring Damian Lewis was posted on YouTube by WdstkBethel.