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  • Wow! Check out the new layout! 😀

    Congratulations to Kat from dk designs and our own Selene upon the successful launch of this lovely new layout to showcase the extensive talents of Mr. Damian Lewis!

    Remember the old layout? It was great, too – but the new one is gorgeous (and blue goes so well with Damian’s coloring!) 😉

    Please drop a line to Selene if you encounter any problems accessing the new site or if the new layout appears “out of alignment” on your computer.

  • Ken Tucker of calls Damian Lewis a “charming redhead” and describes his portrayal of Detective Charlie Crews in Life as
    “a genial cleverboots with a raw edge.” He goes on to say that he “could easily watch an hour of Charlie working solo.” (Me, too!) 😀
  • This article by Brian Donaldson of The List confirms that season 1 of Life will premiere in the UK on October 30th at 9pm on ITV3.
  • UK television alert! Dotty reported that ITV1 is now running advertisements for the UK premiere of Life on ITV3!
  • Damian Lewis fans in The Netherlands should contact the RTL network to request season 2 of Life. The network aired season 1 earlier this year but Suzanne has discovered that season 2 has not yet been scheduled! 🙁

  • Thanks to Ann for the links for NBC’s TAMI (Total Audience Measurement Index) ratings system. The new system includes viewer data for televised broadcasts, video on demand, online downloads and streaming, and mobile viewing. Click here (PDF file, page 13) to access the cummulative ratings data for the first 4 episodes of Life – Season 2.

  • Linda from Belgium reminded us of this caricature of Damian Lewis by Nicola Jennings that is featured in The Guardian.