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  • Thanks to Dotty for sharing this scan of a terrific new interview with Damian Lewis that is currently featured in Radio Times magazine.

  • Visit the Photo Warehouse Gallery to enjoy new screencaps of “Black Friday” (Life episode 2.08 which aired last Wednesday.) Thanks again to Dryope for the gorgeous screencaps!

  • The video promo for Life episode 2.09 titled “Badge Bunny” has been posted on YouTube by TubedOutNow2. The episode will air in the US next Wednesday, November 19th at 9 pm ET on NBC.

  • Maria Elena Fernandez of the Los Angeles times wrote this great new article about Life that includes this comment from Damian Lewis:

    “I enjoy Crews’ contradictions,” said Lewis, during a scene break underneath the 6th Street bridge in downtown L.A. for an episode that will air Wednesday. “I enjoy the blend of dark and light and the possibilities that are presented to you when you’re able to write a character with a totally blank canvas.”

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    to learn more about Life.