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  • One of Damian’s first fans is named Laurel and she had opportunities to see several of his early theatrical performances including his portrayal of Hamlet in London’s Regent’s Park in 1994! She also had chances to meet and speak with him “before he became famous.” Click here to read Laurel’s thrilling story! 😀

    Click here for images and information about Damian’s stage performances.

  • Click here and here to watch, in 2 parts, Adam Arkin’s November 26th appearance on the
    Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS. The interivew includes a clip of Adam and Damian Lewis as Ted Earley and Charlie Crews on Life and also a reference to the “brilliant English actor Damian Lewis.”

  • Click here and here for articles about NBC’s January broadcast schedule that doesn’t include Life (the show will resume US broadcast in February.)

  • This article about the Australian broadcast of Life on Ten describes the show as “hands down, the best new American series of the past two years” and says that the show will return to the air in Australia early next year.

  • Click here for a report on the Torino Film Festival screening of The Escapist with Damian Lewis. The article includes comments from director Rupert Wyatt and also information about the film’s upcoming Italian distribution by Lucky Red under the name of “Prison Escape”.

  • The region 2 DVD for The Escapist will be released in Germany on January 28th; the R2 DVD is scheduled for UK release on January 5th.

  • The Daily Record published this report of last week’s celebrity charity soccer/football match that included Life co-stars Damian Lewis and Donal Logue playing for Hollywood United, the winning team!

  • This article about “Yuleanthropy” (the practice of making charitable donations on behalf of friends and relatives in lieu of personal gifts) references Damian Lewis’s work with Christian Aid to provide clean drinking water for people living in rural areas of South America. Click here to learn more about Damian’s charity work.

  • Click above for a new short & sweet Life fanvid from Shervin. He’s done other Life fanvids including this gorgeous one with The Frames “Dream Awake” (the cool song from the premiere episode).