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  • There’s lots of international Damian Lewis news! 😀

    » Suzanne happily reported that season 2 of Life will premiere on RTL5 in The Netherlands on Thursday, January 8th at 8:30pm.

    » Thanks to Regina in Brazil for the news that Keane starring Damian Lewis is currently running on HBO.

    Also, season 2 of Life will return to Record TV in Brazil on February 4th.

    » In Mexico El Economista has selected Life as one of the best television programs of 2008.

    » On January 9th BBC Radio 2 in the UK will air the final part of For Your Eyes Only, read by Damian Lewis, to conclude the re-broadcast of the James Bond Stories (thanks to Ann for the link.)

    All of Damian’sJames Bond readings can be downloaded from the Multimedia page.

    » In the US, you can watch Damian assassinating Ewan McGregor in Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker, the teen adventure film running on Cinemax during January and February.

  • Kudos to Taltos19 for finally identifying “The Mystery Song” played at the start of the DVD/online versions of “What They Saw” (Life episode 1.04.) Taltos19’s message is below and you can listen to a soundbyte from the song here.

    “I’ve identified this song. It’s called “Goin’ All Night” and is from a new release by 5 Alarm Music (the disc is called “Girl Rock” and it’s so recent they don’t even have any info on their blog or ‘new release’ section yet).”