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  • Don’t miss Life episode 2.17 titled “Shelf Life” airing in the US this Wednesday, March 11 on NBC at 9pm (ET)!
  • Spoilers! NBC has released the storyline for episode 2.20 “Initiative 38” airing in the US on NBC on April 1st:

    A STATE POLITICIAN SEEKING TO BAN HANDGUNS IS SHOT TO DEATH?Crews (Damian Lewis) and Seever (Gabrielle Union) investigate the death of a California State Representative who is shot and killed in her home. The detectives discover the representative was the force behind a political initiative that would put a comprehensive ban on handguns and cost a gun manufacturing company millions in profit. Crews and Seever work to prove that the representative?s political ambitions may have gotten her killed. Meanwhile, Crews questions what Reese might be doing with the FBI. Adam Arkin, Donal Logue and Brent Sexton also star.

  • sweet-revenge00 has unveiled her Band of Brothers picspam (and commentary) for episode 5 “Crossroads”. Of course, this is the fantastic episode that focused on Winters and where Damian was stupendously awesome and gorgeous.
  • E! Online is holding a “Alpha Male Madness tournament” where tv’s male leads are matched up against one another. Charlie Crews/Damian is pitted against Simon Cowell of American Idol (Gross, what do people see in that guy?). Go here and vote for our boy! The first round ends on Friday. (Thanks to Ann for the headsup!)