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➡ Win a poster from Life autographed by Damian Lewis! ➡

  • Sharon, Damian’s personal assistant in Los Angeles, has kindly sent us a large poster of Detective Charlie Crews that has been autographed by Damian Lewis! The poster shows the picture above and it measures 28 x 21 inches (71 x 53 cm); Damian’s signature is underneath the title “Life”.

    To enter to win this poster, just answer one of the following questions:

    » Charlie Crews has bad luck with cars; what happened to the car shown in this poster? (Hint: Ted crushed it with a big, red ___________.)


    » What was the name of the Bunny that made a guest appearance on “Mirror Ball”? (Hint: he shares the first name of a famous British Prime Minister.)

    Send an email with your answer along with your mailing address and include “Life Poster Contest” in the subject line. The entry deadline is April 17, 2009 and the contest is open to Life fans everywhere; click here for more information about the poster contest.

    Click below to watch an Access Hollywood video from the NBC Life Launch Party with cast interviews conducted in front of posters with the same picture as our poster. At approximately 3:00 minutes into the clip Damian Lewis and Adam Arkin begin talking and joking about the poster and Damian’s picture. 😆

    Life fans in the US and Canada can also enter to win a Life – Season One (Region 1) DVD autographed by Damian Lewis! April 8th is the last day to enter; click here for more information.

  • Part one of the new BBC Radio 4 Classic Serial production of Something Fresh by PG Wodehouse is now available for online listening. The program stars Ioan Gruffudd and Helen McCrory and part 2 will broadcast on Sunday, April 5th.

  • In an interview with Edward Douglas of Rupert Wyatt (director of The Escapist and Damian Lewis’s business partner in the Picture Farm film production company) talked about his upcoming movie Birdsong. The film’s impressive cast will include Brian Cox, the star of The Escapist, along with Michael Fassbender and Paddy Considine.