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  • Thanks to Bashfulbadger for the news that the UK’s ITV network is now running “coming soon to ITV3” promos for Life: Season Two starring Damian Lewis. So far, no date has been given for the season premiere.

  • An unconfirmed report in Film Guide says that actor Tom Cruise has asked Damian Lewis to co-star in his new film, a World War II movie based on The Man Who Never Was, a true story about the work of British Intelligence during the war.

  • Click here and here for reports of Brian Cox’s appearance at the Independent Film Festival of Boston screening of The Escapist with Damian Lewis.

  • The Sundance Channel’s schedule now shows five dates in May for US broadcasts of Keane starring Damian Lewis:

    » Sunday May 3 at 4:15PM
    » Thursday May 7 at 1PM
    » Tuesday May 12 at 1PM
    » Wednesday May 20 at 2:50PM
    » Saturday May 30 at 1PM

  • Damian Lewis is mentioned in this Evening Standard article about the theatrical arts program at Eton.