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  • The final episode of Alan Sepinwall’s rewind of Band of Brothers is now available; click here for his review of “Points” (episode 10).

    And click here to read a blogger’s review of this brilliant, epic series starring Damian Lewis.

  • Sian Brewis of the Leicester Mercury describes Life starring Damian Lewis as “funny, smart and thoroughly watchable.”
  • British television channel ITV3 is currently rerunning The Forsyte Saga starring Damian Lewis, upcoming episodes will air on July 9th and 16th:

    » ITV3 July 9th at 10:00pm
    » ITV3 Plus 1 July 9th at 11:00pm
    » ITV3 July 16th at 10:00pm
    » ITV3 Plus 1 July 16th at 11:00pm