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  • The Baker starring Damian Lewis will screen at the Kansas International Film Festival in September.

  • Vote for Band of Brothers as the best television show of the decade in this Guardian poll. (Thank you to dantrans for the information!)

  • Thanks to Ryanne for the news that the region 2 Life –Season 1 DVD is now available in The Netherlands.

  • Zoe Salmon has told The Sun that “I flipping love Damian Lewis!”

  • writer Ken Tucker recently commented that:

    NBC… is the network, after all, that had no idea what a treasure it had in its recent Damian Lewis crime show Life.

  • Blogger simonf has posted more details about the recent sighting of Damian Lewis in Belfast:

    He was dressed casual, sweatpants from what I remember and was unshaven. He had just come out of a restaurant at lunchtime. And yes he did look as handsome and striking in person as he is on the screen. 😀

  • Washington Post staff writer Lisa de Moraes says that she would watch Damian Lewis even if he was just “reading my grocery list!” 😆

  • Click here to view the trailer for the Fantastic Mr. Fox, the animated film featuring the voice of Helen Mccrory as “Mrs. Bean.”