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  • The Mail Online is featuring this article about actors Damian Lewis and Dominic West:

    Which old Etonian influenced Damian Lewis?

    Actor Damian Lewis, 38, says a great performance influenced him – Dominic West playing Hamlet at Eton, aged 17.

    West starred in the cult cop show, The Wire, as tipsy, womanising detective Jimmy McNulty.

    After playing Hamlet at Eton – Lewis was a contemporary – his English master said he should consider ‘doing this as a job’.

    At 39, West’s maybe a wee bit mature to play the immature Dane but fiddle de dee, as they say. After Baltimore, Elsinore?

  • News about Your Highness with Damian Lewis, currently shooting in Northern Ireland:

    » A “horse and cart” scene was shot at Shane’s Castle in County Antrim during the last week of July.

    » Scenes are also being shot near Bangor at the Clandeboye Estate.

    » Actress Caroline Grace-Cassidy from Dublin has been cast as the “Handmaiden” in Your Highness.

    » The main set for the film is being constructed at the historic Paint Hall in Belfast. The road outside of the studio has been closed to traffic ever since a tourist snapped the picture below that shows the set under construction.