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More ‘Misanthrope’ stills, afterparty pics, reviews

  • It was ‘Press Night’ for The Misanthrope on Thursday! Click here at the gallery for pictures of Damian Lewis outside The Comedy Theatre and at the afterparty at the Institute Of Directors.

  • More stills have been added to The Misanthrope album here including new ones from the play’s official site (thanks to Ann for the headsup).

  • The first Press Night reviews:

    From The Independent:

    …Thea Sharrock’s excellent, platinum-cast revival of this 1996 contemporary update by Martin Crimp of Molière’s great satire … Played by a brilliantly tetchy and (to just the right degree) faintly ridiculous Damian Lewis (think fashionable Etonian hunk rendered all the more dogmatic by a tiny worm of self-doubt), the misanthropic Alceste is transformed into a terminally disgruntled playwright in Crimp’s adaptation.

    Read the rest here

    From the Guardian:

    Damian Lewis has the right mix of righteous anger and comic absurdity as Alceste. There’s a tell-tale moment when, having inveighed against the human race, he is asked about his paradoxical passion for Jennifer. “She’s young and vulnerable,” says Lewis in the gooey, forgiving tones of the besotted intellectual. And, although he finally sees through Jennifer’s fickleness, he never lets us forget that sex is often the idealist’s achilles heel.

    Read the rest here

  • Other press items:

    Wednesday’s Today program on BBC Radio 4 featured interviews with Damian and Keira Knightley. Click here on the Audio page to download the clip. (Thanks to Kaz!)

    A preview in Shortlist Magazine describes Damian as “contender for smoothest man” 😀 and in “top form”. Click here for the scan. (Again, courtesy of Kaz.)

    The Guardian has a very useful “bluffer’s guide to the plot.”