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New interview!

  • Gallery update: Click here at the gallery for a Damian Lewis interview from John Lewis Edition.

    An excerpt from the interview:

    I ask him if he overlapped with David Cameron at Eton. He gives me a funny look and I immediately correct myself: ‘Of course, he probably left before you got there.’

    ‘Actually I’m considerably younger,’ he says.

    I start laughing, assuming he’s joking, then quickly realize he’s not. Cameron is 43 while Lewis is 38. Oh God! What have I said? ‘Sorry about that,’ I say, slapping my forehead. ‘I’m an idiot.’

    ‘Don’t worry,’ he says, ‘I just look old before my time. It’s the effect of all the drugs.’


    Click here for items autographed by Damian Lewis (after a performance).

    Many thanks to June for all the scans!